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About Us

Optimized Scribes is a team of writers, editors, developers, social media experts and unapologetic nerds based in Norcross, Georgia but hailing from many different hometowns across the U.S.

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Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple: to make online marketing painless, so you can focus on what you do best.
Website design, blog writing, social media management, online reputation management, SEO… it all takes time. And let’s face it, not everyone enjoys writing and researching. Luckily, we do!

No matter what your success has been with marketing your business online, we can help you reach new customers and keep your existing customers excited about your brand.

Why Choose Us

1) We understand small businesses.
We understand the challenges and limitations of being a small, local business.
2) We adapt to your businesses.
Internet marketing is not a one size fits all process. We’ll work with you to get the results you need.
3) Working with us is easy.
We think we are pretty cool people to work with, but we might be a little biased.

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Meet our Team

Optimized Scribes is comprised of a group of passionate geeks with sharp minds and a knack for figuring out exactly what you need. Even though we all care a lot about different things, we all give our clients our best work and strive to make them feel like part of the family.

Meet our key employees below to learn about what we each excel at individually and how, together, we form a team that can get almost anything done.

Jill Bridges


Jill is the founder of Optimized Scribes and is responsible for our client's marketing strategies. When not juggling work and kids, she enjoys making rugs, tackling DIY projects, canoeing and hiking with Jamie and the dogs.

Jamie Bridges

Vice President

Jamie was a computer engineer before joining the family business to help streamline our workflow and processes. When not "fixing all of the things," Jamie enjoys spending time with the family, cooking and gardening.

Jeanine Nugent

Project Manager

Located in Cumberland, WI Jeanine is our Chaos Manager, connecting all the pieces while keeping everyone from losing their minds. She enjoys keeping up with the latest social media trends, traveling, and participating in distance races with her daughter.

Makenna Olson


From Cumberland, Wisconsin, Makenna currently attends the University of WI- Eau Claire as a Finance Major. When she is not in school, you can find her playing with her dog Kirby, watching her brother's sporting events, or searching the internet for her newest travel destination.

Cayla Howard

Senior Copyeditor

A super nerd, Cayla has a BA in New Media Arts and a minor in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State. In Cayla’s free time, you’ll find her reading, quoting the brilliant Albus Dumbledore, sipping green tea, or talking to her cat, Fizzgig.

Romwell Edralin

SEO Specialist

From Bulacan, Philippines, Romwell Edralin has been an SEO practitioner since 2010, specializing in organic and local SEO. With years of solid experience, he worked mostly on website analysis, keywords and competitive researches, on-page and off-page SEO. He enjoys building Gundams during his free time.

Laurie Hilburn


Laurie graduated with a BA in English Literature & Language and double minor in Creative Writing & Women's Studies from Winthrop University. She enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, and taking naps with her two cats, Theo and Evie. She's also convinced that she is Wonder Woman; please don't tell her otherwise.

Jason Vey

Senior Writer

A resident of Pittsburgh, PA, Jason is an unabashed geek, he loves sci-fi, fantasy, horror, game design, and being able to tell people that he’s a professional writer by trade. He lives with his wife Julie and their two feline children, Seamus and Finnegan.

Jarrod Lipshy

Senior Writer

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Jarrod is living his dream of being a professional writer. He enjoys spending his free time climbing rocks, gardening, playing old video games, and lounging around the house with his beautiful wife and a pair of bratty cats.

Alex Tolbert

Content Writer

Calling Winston-Salem, NC home, Alex has long been a lover of words. With a background in fiction writing, he has experiencing writing across all genres, but is particularly fond of horror and science fiction.

James Lanier

Content Writer

James has always been passionate about writing. When he’s not writing professionally, he’s working on that novel he swears he’ll finish one day. In his free time, he enjoys video games, playing guitar, and hanging out with his cat, Tali’Zorah.

Sarah Moseley

Social Media Writer

As a Richmond, VA resident, Sarah is always looking for inspiration for a good story. Whether it comes from a road trip, an overheard conversation or a really good cheeseburger, Sarah is eager to write about it.

Jaidan Nugent

Jr. Web Monkey

Another Wisconsinite, Jaidan attends Cumberland High School where she is active in choir, student council, NHS and FFA. When not scheduling content calendars she enjoys playing with her dogs Stevie and Marley, theater, volunteering and traveling.

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