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6 Creative Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing remains one of the most effective methods for keeping leads wrapped within your funnel. The only challenge is getting people to actually sign up! Over the years, expert marketers have suggested many effective ways to get email signups. These include surefire gems like using lead capture forms on your website and gating content […] Read More

Why a Free Website May Cost You More in the End

Free website builder tools from companies like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Jimdo all have their place, but not for professionals. If you intend to run an actual business and generate leads on the internet, then these tools aren’t even partial solutions. In fact, a “free website” can end up costing you significantly. When you add […] Read More

Here’s How to Use Facebook Advertising to Reach and Engage Prospects

Whether you’re making new leads or trying to nurture existing ones, Facebook advertising provides a gold mine of attention-grabbing reach. Facebook’s powerful advertising tools have advanced targeting and audience-finding features. These help you pinpoint action-prone audiences matching your most valuable demographics. You can also use Facebook to reach out to prospects you’ve discovered on other […] Read More

Google’s Local Service Ads and Google Guarantee Revolutionizing Local Marketing

The new Google Local Service Ads provide many advantages to home service business owners and consumers alike. For businesses in this competitive niche, the promise of a flat fee paid per lead should be music to their ears. Currently, Google charges $25 per actual job quote — not just clicks! Consumers can enjoy the confidence […] Read More

Local Search Optimization: Understanding the Basics

Taking a moment to improve your business’s online presence increases the chances of you getting found by local search engine users, which in turn brings you new business. 87% of people who own smartphones use a search engine to find information on goods and services each day. 50% of people who find a local business […] Read More

Facebook’s Explore Feed Is Another Step Towards The Inevitable: Zero Organic Reach

The announcement that Facebook is experimenting with a newsfeed wiped clean of all Page posts — aside from those with a paid promotion budget — has given brands a profound shock. While everyone should know that the experiment is temporary and limited to six small countries, they should also recognize that the move is yet […] Read More

The Difference Between Social Media and Social Marketing

As more and more businesses dip their toes into the world of social media, they are confronted by a confusing division: social media versus social marketing. What’s the difference? Both involve posting on social media and trying to engage your audience. But with social marketing, you are actively trying to get your audience to do […] Read More

10 Website Must-Haves for Your Business to Find Success Online

Your website can use plenty of creativity and outside-the-box thinking to make it unique, but it should always have 10 essential elements regardless of the approach you take. Without these website must-haves, the amount of traffic you receive will stay low, and few visitors will get the utility out of your site they deserve.   […] Read More

How to Handle a Negative Online Review the Right Way

You’re having a pretty great day so far as a business owner, and you decide to check your email. You see that you have a new review on Google My Business. But then you stop in your tracks as you read a scathing review filled with words that would get your child’s mouth washed out […] Read More