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4 Internet Marketing Techniques That Work for Small Businesses

Even small businesses can have a big presence online these days. Building communities through platforms like social media and using digital marketing techniques to broadcast your name can quickly grow you a sizeable audience of both new and loyal customers.   The most amazing thing about these techniques is that they can be so easy! […] Read More

How Search Engine Habits Vary by Age

Quick: what was the last thing you searched for online? Did you type it into Google? Did you search for a product on Amazon? Maybe you even did a search on Yelp?   You may be more likely to do one or more of these things depending on your age. That’s right: the way you […] Read More

Introducing Google My Business Posts and Messaging Features

Google has rolled out two new local SEO features that businesses can use to generate instant leads right from the search engine results page. With the two new Google My Business (GMB) features, your business can not only stand out but also create an instant dialogue with customers, beginning the sales process before the customer even sets their phone down. Read More

8 Local SEO Tweaks That Can Boost Your Ranking Fast

Lots of small business owners view SEO as some sort of mysterious voodoo. You follow the instructions, pray and chant, and maybe something good will come out of it... Read More

Social Media Marketing: Choosing the Right Platforms

Being on social media these days ain’t easy, at least not for companies. User expectations climb higher, and with so much content out there, it can be hard to stand out... Read More

How to Ethically Generate Positive Reviews

Online reviews are rapidly becoming one of the most important marks of quality for a company. According to the Better Business Bureau, 92 percent of people... Read More

Why Social Media Matters for Small Businesses

If your small business does not have a documented social media outreach strategy currently in use, you are missing out on real revenues. Wonder why social media matters... Read More

Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Boost Online Marketing

Visiting some business’ neglected online pages can be like visiting a store location if the employees decided not to show up for work for a few months... Read More

The Basic Online Marketing Dictionary

When trying to meet the needs of our clients, some of them have difficulty putting these needs into words. They may understand that they need to utilize tools like local SEO to get more customers and grow their business, even if they truly have no idea what “SEO” really stands for. This confusion lead us […] Read More