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Dynamic Blog Writing Starts With the Basics

Writing a successful blog for your business can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the tools of the trade. You might write an awe-inspiring piece with well-crafted language and cheeky phrases, but if you aren’t using the correct tactics, the blog will flop. All that time you invested into writing will feel like a […] Read More

Four Dirty Little Secrets About White Label SEO Most Agencies Won’t Tell You

Hey, you wanna know a secret? Most of the branded content published online was written by a third- or even fourth-party subcontractor. Yes, there may be a very personal-looking byline from a marketing head on that blog, but that’s all part of the white label search engine optimization (SEO) illusion. A whopping 68 percent of […] Read More

7 Cool Google My Business Features You Should Be Using

Never one to rest on their laurels, Google has been quietly adding useful features to their Google My Business (GMB) platform over the past several months. Abilities like new call-to-action buttons, deeper insights reports and direct chat messages all provide business owners advantages they definitely should not overlook. These changes may not seem like much […] Read More

Making the Most of Your Marketing Team

Your marketing team is vital for the success of both your agency and your clients. This is not some big secret. But the marketing department operates a bit differently than the rest of your company. While your accountants are analytical and your salespeople are outgoing, marketing requires a different mindset. These are creatives that take […] Read More

The Progression of Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret: Just about every person in America has a mobile device. What’s more, the growth of smartphone ownership has nearly doubled in the past four years, from 35 percent in 2011 to almost 70 percent today, according to Pew Research. As such, mobile marketing is more important than ever. If businesses want to […] Read More

The Difference Between Social Media and Social Marketing

As more and more businesses dip their toes into the world of social media, they are confronted by a confusing division: social media versus social marketing. What’s the difference? Both involve posting on social media and trying to engage your audience. But with social marketing, you are actively trying to get your audience to do […] Read More

10 Website Must-Haves for Your Business to Find Success Online

Your website can use plenty of creativity and outside-the-box thinking to make it unique, but it should always have 10 essential elements regardless of the approach you take. Without these website must-haves, the amount of traffic you receive will stay low, and few visitors will get the utility out of your site they deserve.   […] Read More

4 Internet Marketing Techniques That Work for Small Businesses

Even small businesses can have a big presence online these days. Building communities through platforms like social media and using digital marketing techniques to broadcast your name can quickly grow you a sizeable audience of both new and loyal customers.   The most amazing thing about these techniques is that they can be so easy! […] Read More

Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Boost Online Marketing

Visiting some business’ neglected online pages can be like visiting a store location if the employees decided not to show up for work for a few months... Read More