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SEO Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

SEO has a ton of technical elements that you can wrangle under your control using a handful of excellent tools. Most of these tools allow you to gain insight into aspects of your internet marketing you’d have no visibility for otherwise, such as how your page is crawled by search engines. Others are there to […] Read More

A Day in the Life of Your Content Writer

When you entrust your valuable client accounts to a white label SEO writer, know that you are in good hands. These writers are dedicated professionals—many of them working full time. A few will come into the office every weekday, while others will spend the majority of their work days writing from home. So what does […] Read More

Four Dirty Little Secrets About White Label SEO Most Agencies Won’t Tell You

Hey, you wanna know a secret? Most of the branded content published online was written by a third- or even fourth-party subcontractor. Yes, there may be a very personal-looking byline from a marketing head on that blog, but that’s all part of the white label search engine optimization (SEO) illusion. A whopping 68 percent of […] Read More

Local Search Optimization: Understanding the Basics

Taking a moment to improve your business’s online presence increases the chances of you getting found by local search engine users, which in turn brings you new business. 87% of people who own smartphones use a search engine to find information on goods and services each day. 50% of people who find a local business […] Read More

How to Handle a Negative Online Review the Right Way

You’re having a pretty great day so far as a business owner, and you decide to check your email. You see that you have a new review on Google My Business. But then you stop in your tracks as you read a scathing review filled with words that would get your child’s mouth washed out […] Read More

4 Internet Marketing Techniques That Work for Small Businesses

Even small businesses can have a big presence online these days. Building communities through platforms like social media and using digital marketing techniques to broadcast your name can quickly grow you a sizeable audience of both new and loyal customers.   The most amazing thing about these techniques is that they can be so easy! […] Read More

How Search Engine Habits Vary by Age

Quick: what was the last thing you searched for online? Did you type it into Google? Did you search for a product on Amazon? Maybe you even did a search on Yelp?   You may be more likely to do one or more of these things depending on your age. That’s right: the way you […] Read More

Introducing Google My Business Posts and Messaging Features

Google has rolled out two new local SEO features that businesses can use to generate instant leads right from the search engine results page. With the two new Google My Business (GMB) features, your business can not only stand out but also create an instant dialogue with customers, beginning the sales process before the customer even sets their phone down. Read More

8 Local SEO Tweaks That Can Boost Your Ranking Fast

Lots of small business owners view SEO as some sort of mysterious voodoo. You follow the instructions, pray and chant, and maybe something good will come out of it... Read More