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Your marketing team is vital for the success of both your agency and your clients. This is not some big secret. But the marketing department operates a bit differently than the rest of your company. While your accountants are analytical and your salespeople are outgoing, marketing requires a different mindset. These are creatives that take on blog writing, graphic design and other materials that most others in your company could not handle. After all, that’s why you hired them.

In order to make the most of your marketing team, you may also need to change the way you think. Here are a few ways you can revamp and optimize that department to further bolster the success of your company.

Individuals as Part of the Whole

Individuals as Part of the WholeYour sales department is probably rather homogenous. This is to say that if one salesperson is out sick, another could make their sales calls for them without much difficulty, ignoring time restraints. They are a cohesive team that can easily move from one desk to another. While the marketing department also works as a team, each member tends to work as a specialized division within it.

Companies are always on the lookout for a graphic designer who is also a terrific writer and editor. Unfortunately, these types of employees are few and far between. Just about every creative has their own specialty, whether that is graphics, copywriting, product management, branding and a host of others. While some creative types can easily transition from one position to another within the same general field (like from blog writing to copywriting), you should view each member as an individual in a specific role. Hiring by specialty will ensure each member of the team is working to the top of their ability and producing high-quality content.

Let Them Work as They Need

Let Them Work as They NeedThere’s a reason creative types are often seen as the “divas” of the workplace. Generally, a creative’s mind works in a way unlike that of, say, an accountant. While an accountant finds success in the science of numbers and figures, creatives find success in exploring their environment. They need to be able to get up and move around, getting the blood pumping to find new ideas for the next campaign.

This is not to say they do not need structure and cubicles like other departments. When an idea is struck and graphics/copy are needed, they, like every other employee, need a space where they can focus and get their work done. But creatives thrive by being able to work as they need to, not as is dictated. Their entire livelihoods are based on “breaking the rules” to break out of the norm and create a campaign that will draw the attention of your target audience. Sitting in a cubicle all day stifles this creativity, and also hinders collaboration — the lifeblood of the marketing team.

Who We Are:

Who We Are:For years, Optimized Scribes has specialized in blog writing, social media management, and other web content for clients in businesses across the landscape. We have handled clients in businesses of all sizes, and our writers and editors bring years of experience and expertise in all aspects of content creation and search engine optimization to the table.

We customize our approach to each individual client to build an online presence and develop content that’s unique to the client’s needs. We are adept in email blasts, short form and long form blogs, ebooks, and all aspects of online content generation, from focused local clients to general Search Engine Optimization. We are a BBB-Accredited business with an A rating, and a 2-time Kudzu best of award winner, as well as a two time winner of the Best of Gwinnett award for marketing and website design.

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