Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Boost Online Marketing

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Visiting some business’ neglected online pages can be like visiting a store location if the employees decided not to show up for work for a few months. Cobwebs gather, shelves remain unorganized and, eventually, people who enjoyed coming by may stop checking in to see if the doors will open again.

Many business owners understandably let their online pages fall by the wayside when they feel pressed for time, but doing so on a long-term basis can repel interested audiences who were at one point engaged. Fortunately, there are ways to not let your online audiences down without having to sink boatloads of time into managing online marketing. Even just a few moments several times a week, or once day, can make a huge impact in your online branding.

To inspire business owners to take greater control of their online marketing and engage their audiences, here are eight small tasks businesses can continually do to boost their online marketing:


1. Skim Through Your Online Business Listing Pages

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business page yet — do that right now. Ensure that you have a link to your site, accurate business hours, a current phone number and a description of your company and its services. Check Facebook and Yelp next since Google tends to pull those business pages up fairly consistently.

If you already have pages set up on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp or elsewhere, take a second to re-read the company descriptions on there. Time has a way of helping us see things in a new light, so if you cringe at the wording of your company description, take a few seconds to revise it.


2. Google Yourself

You can find out a lot about yourself and your company from a Google search. There may be press coverage you weren’t aware of, or a mention in someone’s blog.

However, what you are truly looking for is how high up your website’s search results rank. If you type in your exact company name but then see competitors listed first, that can be a bad sign. You may need to modify your homepage’s robots.txt or work on your SEO to improve your search engine ranking.

Repeat the process with local keywords to get even more mileage out of the exercise, such as “Atlanta used book store” or “Phoenix pool service.”


3. Engage with Your Social Audiences

The less often you post or interact with people on social media, the less likely they are to engage with you. Yet, some people still take the effort to comment or post a reply. Make them smile by engaging with them in return. Even if it’s with someone you happen to know personally, the act of a branded profile communicating on a human level looks positive online.


4. Check Your Online Reviews

Facebook, Google, Yelp and other sites all allow users to review businesses. If someone said something nice about you there, take a second to let them know you appreciate their words. If they had a bad experience, think of a way to soften the blow they had with an apology or explanation of some sort. At the very least, online reviews serve as good progress reports for how your business is doing.


5. Find Active User Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is useful! We promise! Its user groups can be invaluable for sharing information and answering questions among business owners. Take a second to join a group and read what they have to say. You may even be inspired to write a reply!


6. Bookmark Links that Your Audience Would Like

Chances are, if something makes you laugh, smile, cry or just go “hmmm” thoughtfully, your audience could feel the same way. If you get in the habit of bookmarking interesting or emotionally-compelling links, you will be more likely to remember and share them with your audience as time goes on.

Remember to keep posts not relevant to your business to a minimum; no one needs to see your links to cat videos more than once a week, as hilarious as they might be. Likewise, avoid politics or other hot button topics that aren’t directly related to your business.


7. Write Down a Few Post Ideas (and Queue Them if You Can)

Part of the problem with online posting is that the idea of doing it day after day can feel exhausting. The trick is to whip up a large enough batch of posts that you can stagger publishings and look consistent. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr even let you line up a post queue, complete with scheduled times. Go ahead and write a few posts when you are in the mood, or at least jot down some notes to re-inspire you later.


8. Let an Online Marketing Company Do It All for You!

If you are still wondering “Who truly has the time for all this stuff?” then the answer is “People who get paid to do it.” And, lucky for you, it is actually quite affordable.

Online audience building and reputation management can be done professionally with a few simple tasks that optimize your search engine visibility while giving your audiences more to engage with. We can even handle your social media accounts, building out your brand image and fostering affinity among scores of potential customers.


Visit our digital marketing services page to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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