Our Mission

At Optimized Scribes, our mission is twofold.

First, we are passionate about being a one-stop content creation service for creative agencies and marketing departments. From large volume orders to the occasional blog post, we are here to work on your timeline.

Second, we strive to provide employment opportunities to people who have been excluded from, or just don’t feel secure in, the traditional work environment. We cherish our diverse workforce and the unique point of view each teammate brings to our organization.

It is our goal to be a Certified B Corporation in 2023.

How we became a really big thing.


2010: Freelancing gone wild

It was around this time that Jill realized that she couldn't keep up with her freelance client load on her own. She enlisted the help of her old friend Jason so she could take on more work.


too much work

2012: Optimized Scribes becomes a thing

With the addition of an editor, an official name for the team was needed. 

OS Logo New Transparent

2014: Optimized Scribes becomes a bigger thing

Growth kept happening, so Jill moved from her kitchen table to a proper office, and hired some more help. This was the year that Jamie joined us as VP.


2018: We go remote

We tried the office thing, and it cramped our style. So the team voted and we went fully remote. We miss our Norcross friends, but love working from home in our comfy pants.


2019: We focus on building the dream team

It was around this time we added Jean to our management team. Her background in helping folks with disabilities find employment opportunities led us to shifting our hiring practices to be more accessible and inclusive.


2021: We become HubSpot Partners

A match made in heaven. No really, we love these guys.

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Why Choose Us?


We've got your back.

When you’re looking for content creation or marketing services, it’s important to work with an organization that understands your needs and takes them seriously. We know that every business has different ideas of what success looks like. Whatever goals you set, we’ll adapt to your needs and work with you to get results.

Real Reviews from Real Clients

Feel free to click on the reviews below to see them on Google.

If you need professional, great equality content, I highly recommend this company. Optimized scribes was recommended to me years ago and I am glad they were. Jill and her team excel at customer service too which is something my team really values.
Jill and the writers at Optimized Scribes are amazing. I tried dozens of writers and content firms before finding Jill, and I'm so fortunate I did. My clients are constantly telling me how great their content is, and I just say, "Thanks. I have some great writers". They understand SEO, and how to create content that people will actually read. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them creating all the content for my clients.
It was a pleasure working with Optimized Scribes! This talented team always brings impressive knowledge and fresh ideas to the table. They are professional, communicative, and dedicated to helping businesses create carefully-crafted campaigns that drive results.
Optimized Scribes has been a great boost for our small business! They've worked with us on multiple social media outlets including Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest. As a company we saw positive growth on social media immediately. Which has created a tremendous growth in our online presence. We've seen a lot of new faces and plenty of familiar ones for our daily deals and featured specials. We are proud to have such a personable team to work with!
The team at Optimized Scribes is one of the most organized, efficient, and effective teams that I've ever had the pleasure of working with.If you're an agency and you're looking for great content-writing service at a reasonable price, I highly recommend giving Optimized Scribes a shot. You won't find quality this good at these prices anywhere else.
Come join us and help us grow and get great together.